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Will we ever get to move?  
11:10am 27/02/2007
It's Jess
Arg. So we had some issues with our mortgage company and had to move the closing back a couple of days. Good news: our mortgage rate is going to be less now (!!!), bad news: I'm impatient and want to move. Luckily, this is definitely a case of the good outweighing the bad.
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01:17pm 23/02/2007
It's Jess
Well, blast. We didn't get the house that I really wanted, but we found a really decent, cute house that has an amazing vibe and is in a much better location. It needs some fixing up, but I think the house is going to be wonderful. And we're closing on Monday!!!

I'm so glad that we found a house since, a few days after we found it our landlord was trying to unfreeze some pipes on our house with a blowtorch (sigh) and burned down half our house. It's been a couple of weeks now so I can say that more or less calmly. We've been living in my parents-in-law's basement (Dan and I, our three cats, our two toads and occasionally Noah) for the last couple of weeks and I can NOT wait to move!

But...even though we can move in on Monday, all of our stuff (everything that wasn't damaged in the fire, which luckily wasn't much) is being cleaned (it all smells horrible and is covered in ash, plus a lot of it is water damaged) and won't be delivered until a week later. This will give us a chance to get everything painted before we move the furniture in, so I'm ok with it (well, trying to be).

What a month!
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02:40pm 16/01/2007
It's Jess
Happy birthday to me!!! Dan sent me a bunch of absolutely beautiful flowers (bright pink, orange and green roses) at work today, along with a cute card that says "You are my whole world." Nice. :) He's also taking me to the Loring Pasta Bar (my favorite restaurant) for dinner tonight. My friend Maranda bought me a red electric can opener (hee!) since I've been doing my kitchen in red (red blender, red knife set, red everything!).

And the best thing is we may have found a house, and it just so happens that the wall color, counters and wood in the kitchen will go perfectly with my red stuff so I won't have to paint. Actually I love to paint, but I'm taking it as a sign that this is the perfect house and that we should buy it. I'm so in love with this house; someone had purchased the house, fixed it up and is now selling it and it honestly looks like I decorated it. It's absolutely perfect! I won't even have to paint most of it since the wall colors are perfect! We just have to have someone inspect it, then we're going to make an offer.

The house
4 bedrooms
1 1/2 bathrooms
1,680 square feet
2 stories
New appliances
Built in 1901
Nice yard
Awesome, whimsical paint job!
Nice basement

House PicturesCollapse )

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
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Buying...a house? Huh...  
04:07pm 11/01/2007
It's Jess
So Dan and I are looking for a house, which is something that, until very recently I was never particularly interested in. I've never been one of those people who considers paying rent throwing money away (apparently I'm a minority with that kind of crazy thinking). But I guess I'm ok with it...

Qualities I'm focusing on:
2+ bedrooms
1 1/2 + bathrooms
1 1/2 or 2 stories
dishwasher (nice but not required)
washer & dryer(nice but not required)
built before 1910
1,000+ square feet

Everyone is pressuring us to move to the suburbs, but (luckily for me) the only way Dan and I could afford a house that fits these qualities is to stay in Minneapolis or move to St. Paul. I'd be ok with either, although St. Paul would add another 20 minutes to my hour long commute. I've always wanted to move back to St. Paul...

We've found a couple of absolutely amazing houses built around the 1880s in both Mpls and St. Paul, but the ones we can afford aren't exactly in neighborhoods we'd like to live in. Neither Mpls or St. Paul has any areas that I'd be uncomfortable renting in (and I've lived in some pretty cruddy areas) but buying is another thing... so we're going to look around this weekend and see what we can find.
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Can't wait to go home...  
02:23pm 29/12/2006
It's Jess
Oh thank god, my boss just said we can leave early today if we want to... no one has been working at all, in the least, not even a little bit, for the past six hours and seventeen minutes. Of course my boss is a super-intense workaholic, so everyone is afraid to actually leave in case he might hold it against us even though we haven't been working. It's just not a productive day and I'm quite fine with that. The good thing is that from across the office I look like I'm working...

Of course going home means cleaning, which doesn't sound particularly exciting, either. My mother was sick on Christmas so Dan and I didn't go to my parent's house like we had planned. So now they're coming to our house tonight to celebrate "christmas" (actually just an excuse for us to sit around and drink wine). I'm looking forward to it, other than the fact that my mother is the cleanest human being alive, which makes me feel like my house must be spotless when she arrives. Oh, that's not entirely true; I've inherited the clean bug from her and I prefer my house to be clean. I just haven't felt like cleaning at all this past week. This will be a good kick in the butt...

Wow, I'm feeling so very, very dull right now. And these are the crazy adventures of my not working and not cleaning! Oh, the earth shattering excitement. Screw it, I'm going home.
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Taking inventory  
03:38pm 28/12/2006
It's Jess
1. Seriously, what do I have to do to make it snow? Nothing says depressing like dead grass.

2. I won't, no, can't stop listening to Thunder In The Valley. Delicious.

3. I've had too much coffee today and now my head and jaw are stiff and painful.

4. I want to go home and play Sims, which my boss should encourage as I'm no longer being even remotely productive at work. Alas, he apparently doesn't see it that way.

5. I'm so over anything pertaining to weddings. My wedding, nice as it was, was a massive pain in the ass and now my best friend is getting married in nine months and my sister-in-law just became engaged. Will it ever end? I really hope we don't start simultaneously procreating...
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Wedding Pictures  
04:04pm 04/12/2006
It's Jess
I finally got my wedding pictures back from my October 28th Minneapolis, Minnesota wedding. Here are some of my favorites:

warning: there are A LOT of pictures in hereCollapse )
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Follow the link..  
03:16pm 21/08/2006
It's Jess
Way too much stuff about my wedding... right here
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Invites are done!  
09:59am 17/08/2006
It's Jess
Yay, Dan and I finally finished our invitations! I just need to finish addressing a couple of them and I can send them out. We made them using supplies from The Paper Source. They have actual kits with all of the supplies, but we didn't like any of the colors/designs so we used their design, bought all of the supplies separately and made them ourselves for about $200.

The colors we used are ivory, burgundy, sage green and gold (I have to point this out because the colors don't show up correctly in these pictures).

Here they are!Collapse )

Dan's friend designed the invite and direction card (including drawing the flowers herself) and we printed them on the cardstock. I'm just so happy they're finally done!
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Living Room Pictures  
01:14pm 26/07/2006
It's Jess
I think I finally have the living room to a point where I'm happy with it. YAY! Only...how many months since I've moved? Three? Sigh.


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